CEO & Co-founder, Tastewise

Alon Chen

Alon Chen is the CEO & Co-Founder, Tastewise
A senior Google executive for close to a decade, Alon Chen has a wealth of experience in leveraging AI and big data across technology, business and marketing.
During his time at Google, Alon initiated and launched the Google Partners channel program in 27 countries, on-boarding 60,000 partners worldwide.

Alon also served as Google’s Chief Marketing Officer for Israel and Greece and led the company’s relationship with the World Economic Forum. As Chief Business Officer for Voyager Labs, an AI and cognitive deep learning company funded by Oracle, Alon developed and led their AI marketing-tech eCommerce solution.
Tastewise leverages AI to tap into the culinary consciousness that drives the world’s freshest food and beverage insights.
Our platform analyzes billions of food data points – including menus, home recipes and social media – to provide real-time insights for restaurants, hospitality groups, and food brands. Capturing food innovation and observed consumer needs, Tastewise equips industry professionals to identify target segments and competitors, understand emerging trends, and determine which dishes or products should be served next.