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Julia Olayanju PhD

Julia Olayanju

Julia Olayanju: CIO at GrubEasy

Julia B. Olayanju is a geneticist, entrepreneur and educator.

She is the Founder  & CEO at FoodNiche Inc and CIO  at GrubEasy: an intelligent recipe and food product recommendation engine that creates opportunities for millions of home cooks to engage with food brands. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation to make healthier dining choices and believes providing a compelling reasons for such choices matters. She recently launched educational initiatives to expand nutritional education in elementary schools across America. Through a series of annual summits and online food-focused events she is facilitating thought-provoking conversations on creating a healthier and sustainable food future.

She contributes regularly on Forbes, focusing on innovation & trends creating a healthier food future.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a second Bachelor’s degree in Genetics. She graduated with a Masters degree in Molecular Biology from West Texas A & M University and a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Her doctoral work was focused on understanding anti-cancer properties of specific chemical compounds found in food.